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Opportunity to review final Fisheries Certification Process text August 2019

Start date: 23 August 2019
End date: 22 September 2019

Current status

Stakeholders have raised concerns about how disagreement with the expert judgement applied in fishery assessments is addressed, especially when it persists between Conformity Assessment Bodies (an independent organisation that determines whether a fishery complies with the MSC Fisheries Standard, also known as CABs), Peer Reviewers and stakeholders.

We have edited the 'MSC Template for Stakeholder Input into Fishery Assessments' so stakeholders can easily identify and understand how a CAB has responded to their comments.

These reporting changes will help stakeholders, CABs and the MSC identify and understand what, where and how often there is persistent disagreement between stakeholders and CABs. This will inform future policy development work.

We are also adding guidance for CABs to follow the precautionary approach when assessing fisheries. This further clarifies that CABs need to be cautious in their scoring when there is limited information.

Purpose of this consultation

This consultation has now closed for feedback.

This consultation is the final opportunity to review the wording to be included in the updated Guidance to the Fisheries Certification Process (GFCP) and the MSC Template for Stakeholder Input into Fishery Assessments due for release in March 2020.

We are asking for specific feedback on:

  • the clarity of the changed requirements,
  • the applicability in practice of the changed requirements, 
  • the auditability of the changed requirements, and 
  • if our proposed changes will deliver our intended outcomes. 

These requirements have been developed following previous consultations and workshops with stakeholders and therefore this consultation will not seek input or feedback on policy direction or decisions that have already been subject to consultation and agreed by the MSC Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and Board of Trustees (BoT).

Please visit the Fisheries Certification Process consultation page for further information >