Addressing persistent disagreement with expert judgement

Start date: 04 February 2019
End date: 04 April 2019

Stakeholders have raised concerns about how disagreement with the expert judgement applied in fishery assessments is addressed, especially when it persists between CABs and Peer Reviewers and stakeholders despite multiple rounds of comment and response.


This public consultation seeks feedback from CABs, Peer Reviewers and stakeholders, as well as other interested parties, on the issue of persistent disagreement with expert judgement and three proposed options to address concerns.

In response to stakeholder concerns the MSC proposes three options to address persistent disagreement with expert judgement.

This policy development project is part of a broader Assurance Review being conducted by the MSC.

Consultation Documentation

This consultation has now closed.

Watch the MSC project lead Hannah Norbury talk though this consultation:

Next Steps

All feedback received during the consultation period will be published on this website after the consultation closes and respondents informed. Comments will not be attributed to their author.

Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.