First consultation: Conditions

Start date: 04 February 2019
End date: 04 April 2019

Consultation documents

This consultation has now closed.

Overview of conditions

The MSC Fisheries Standard sets three levels of performance for each Performance Indicator (PI) – minimum requirements (SG60), best practice (SG80) and state of the art (SG100). Any Performance Indicator scoring at least 60 but below 80 receives  a ‘condition’ for continuing certification. The condition requires them to improve their performance to the 80 level within a specified time frame within the duration of the certificate (or longer in exceptional circumstances).

Fisheries can be certified without meeting the 80 level for all PIs as long as the aggregated performance level for each Principle is at or above 80. Conditional certification is a mechanism that drives improvement in fisheries from the minimum requirements to best practice within the certification cycle.

The conditions review

In response to stakeholders raising concerns about the way conditions are set, evaluated and closed the MSC commissioned Assurance Services International (ASI) to undertake two reviews:

  • Review of closure of conditions.
  • In-depth review of closure of related and carried over conditions.

While the majority of conditions are closed in accordance with MSC’s requirements, the reports concluded that there are opportunities for MSC, CABs and ASI to improve the way conditions are addressed within the assessment process.

The MSC has produced a summary of these reports which includes the MSC’s response to ASI’s recommendations.

Purpose of consultation

From 4 February 2019 the MSC is asking stakeholders to provide feedback on proposals to improve the way conditions are set, evaluated and closed as part of a public consultation. The public consultation focuses on policy options developed in response to ASI’s recommendations specifically related to the MSC’s Fisheries Certification Process requirements.

The MSC seeks feedback from CABs, fisheries and stakeholders, as well as other interested parties, on the proposed options to address concerns raised by stakeholders and ASI’s recommendations.

The conditions review and policy development project is part of a broader Assurance Review being conducted by the MSC.

Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.