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Current stage:

Issue Prioritisation Development Selection Implementation

Improvement overview

In December 2011, the MSC Board of Trustees resolved that shark finning (the removal of a shark’s fins and disposal of the remaining carcass at sea) is prohibited within MSC certified fisheries.

Current status

We are adding a scope requirement so that entities successfully prosecuted for shark finning in the last two years will be out of scope for MSC assessment and cannot be certified.

We are removing the interpretation on ‘systematic’ shark finning currently on the interpretations website. Conformity Assessment Bodies (an independent organisation that determines whether a fishery complies with the MSC Fisheries Standard, also known as CABs) will have to assess fisheries on the shark finning requirements within the Fisheries Standard alone.

Planned work

There is now an opportunity to review the final text changes of the Fisheries Certification Process (FCP) and accompanying documents, which includes changes related to shark finning, before its release in March 2020.

The Fisheries Certification Process outlines the process CABs must follow when  assessing a fishery against the MSC's Fisheries Standard.

For your opportunity to review the final changes to the Fisheries Certification Process and accompanying documents, follow this link >

For further information, read about how we are also addressing this project within the Fisheries Standard Review.

Available documents

No documents are currently available.