As an improvement progresses through the different stages of the improvement process, it is reviewed often and may be put back to an earlier stage if it is deemed that further information is required.

This page shows the progression of stages that the improvement has passed through, allowing you to see the historical record of the improvement.

The timeline


Entered: 15 January 2012, Exited: 01 February 2013
From issue to prioritisation


Entered: 01 February 2013, Exited: 12 April 2013
From prioritisation to development


Entered: 22 April 2013, Exited: 31 July 2013
Changing stage from development to development


Entered: 01 August 2013, Exited: 31 October 2013
Change stage from development to selection


Entered: 01 November 2013, Exited: 31 January 2014

Current stage


Entered: 20 January 2014, Exited: 01 April 2014