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Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard

The MSC is working to develop a new CoC standard based on mass balance for application to aquaculture feeds and seaweed.

Category: Chain of custody
Stage: Development
Date started: 21 December 2015

Chain of Custody Program Review 2017

In 2017, the MSC committees to reviewing its Chain of Custody Standard and Certification Requirements. The aim of this review is to improve the accessibility and consistency of the program, and to make CoC work better for companies and certification bodies.

Category: Chain of custody
Stage: Development
Date started: 31 May 2016

End of Supply Chain Group Requirements

Fish counters are a key outlet for MSC certified seafood and where the MSC ecolabel can be displayed. MSC has engaged several retailers with fish counters but is currently behind the target it has set itself. MSC has on various occasions received feedback from fish counters that the requirements are challenging to implement. The requirement changes of January 2013 have addressed some of the issues but other issues remain outstanding.

Category: Chain of custody
Stage: Selection
Date started: 01 January 2013

Fishery Traceability

This program improvement looks at the known and perceived limitations of the MSC fishery traceability, and discussed the issues at the start of the MSC supply chain.

Category: Chain of custody
Stage: Development
Date started: 01 February 2013

Product Provenance and Key Data Elements (KDEs)

As global supply chain practices evolve, the MSC is seeking to improve its Chain of Custody by introducing requirements to pass on information relating to fisheries consistently across the supply chain.

Category: Chain of custody
Stage: Development
Date started: 01 June 2016

New Models for Independent Operators

A consideration on several alternative models to make ecolabel use more accessible for independent restaurants and fishmongers.

Category: Chain of custody
Stage: Prioritisation
Date started: 01 January 2014