What is the Product Provenance project? 

This project aims to provide greater information and oversight on certified product origin. Product origin information will travel through the supply chain via a unique key data elements (KDE) code, and will be verified along the way.

Why are the MSC & ASC doing this? 

  • To meet industry demands and expectations on traceability.  

  • To provide value to our partners by keeping the ASC and MSC Chain of Custody program at the forefront of supply chain traceability.  

  • To enable companies to easily access reliable seafood origin information to an ASC certified farm or MSC certified fishery. 

  • To mitigate the risks of uncertified or illegal fishery products from entering ASC and MSC supply chains. 

How the Product Provenance project can benefit the seafood supply chain:

  • Enhance supply chain transparency and risk mitigation. 

  • Supports digital traceability transformation for improved supply chain assurance. 

  • Holds verifiable information which can meet key regulatory requirements, customer demands and consumer expectations.

  • Brings added value through increased visibility of a fisher’s or farm’s success story. 

  • Works with the supply chain's existing systems.

  • Provides ASC and MSC third party provenance verification.