FSR Timeline

Below is a summary of the activities associated with the 2013-2014 Fisheries Standard Review (FSR). As of 1 October 2014 Stages 1-18 had been completed. The process to evolve the FSR involved as series of discussions and consultations both internally within the MSC as well as externally with our stakeholders.

The scope of the review was agreed upon by the Board of Trustees (BoT) following consultation on the FSR with the MSC'sStakeholder Council (StC) and assisted by its Technical Advisory Board (TAB). External engagement activities with a diverse range of our stakeholders are a vital part of the review and program development process. Engagement activities included workshops, webinars and online public consultations.


StageDateMSC ActivityStakeholder Participation
1 Decision
17 Jun 2012 Board agrees to and reviews scope/process of the FSR
Stakeholder feedback pertaining to issues relating to the Fisheries Standard
2 Development
MSC exec
Jul-Aug 2012 Develop detailed project plan/ revised the Standard Setting Procedure as necessary N/A
3 Consultation
1st Consultation
Sep-Oct 2012
(60 days)
Consultation with StC on the scope of the FSR The StC will be encouraged to develop additional Term of References (ToRs) for projects within the scope outlined above
4 Recommendation
Oct-Nov 2012 Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and StC to finalize proposed elements to inform the Board Provision for observer participation


Dec 2012
Final decision on FSR scope and draft implementation plan Definitive public statement is issued
6 Development
Dec 2012 - Apr 2013
Contract sub-projects on specific themes within standard (agreed by TAB) Stakeholder Consultation
7 Development
Jan - Apr 2013
Initial analyses, summary of options and individual impact analysis generated to cover individual policy areas
2-3 representatives from the StC to serve as stakeholder representatives on the Technical Working Groups
8 Development
MSC Standards
Apr-Sept 2013 Draft final CR changes resulting from FSR/ begin testing and impacts assessment Stakeholders needed for testing
9 Consultation
2nd Consultation
Apr - Jun 2013 30-60 day consultations including in-person workshops where necessary Web consultation and specific workshops where necessary
The outcomes of these development stages will be a cohesive revised
Fisheries Standard (annex CB to the CR) ready for public consultation
10 Consultation
3rd Consultation
Sept - Oct 2013 30-60 day consultations including in person workshops where necessary Web consultation and specific workshops where necessary to ensure participation by Developing World
11 Development
MSC Standards
through Nov 2013 Intensive testing and impact assessment of revised Standard in combination with Speed and Cost Review
To inform testing and impacts where necessary
12 Recommendation
StC/TAB joint conference
Dec 2013 Discussion of proposed new Standard for consideration of BoT StC to decide on revision items via joint conference and breakout workshops
13 Recommendation
Dec 2013 Sign-off on FSR related CR revisions resulting from the process whilst addressing other non-FSR related developments. Recruit Observer for TAB by Stakeholders
14 Decision
Jan 2014 Final approval of new Standard StC is represented on the BoT
15 Testing
Feb - Apr 2014
Review of new CR with different user groups
Detailed plans to be developed
16 Decision
Jun 2014
Final approval of new Standard
StC is represented on the BoT
17 Training 4-5 Sep 2014 Provide CABs training on new requirement changes

18 Launch
New Fisheries Certification Requirements v2.0
1 Oct 2014
Available on the MSC website
19 Launch
Supporting scheme documents
8 Oct 2014

Available on the MSC website
Including updated forms, templates, change tracking spreadsheet (FCRv2.0) & MSC scheme documents master list

19 Effective
New Fisheries Certification Requirements v2.0
1 April 2015
Available on the MSC website