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This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 26 July 2013; view the current state.

Improvement overview

MSC Chain of Custody (CoC) program specified a structure for the CoC codes. As the number of certificate holders continue to grow and more companies are switching certifiers, each time a company moves to a new certifier, the new CoC code given will means that all products with the previous, invalid code will have to be removed from the supply chain. However, this is not always the case and invalid code can still legitimately be in the chain such as frozen or canned products, which can cause confusion for both companies in the supply chain and end consumers.

Current status

In order to avoid the administrative and logistical problems suggested by certifier-generated CoC codes, the MSC is proposing to move the MSC generated CoC codes. Each certificate holder would be assigned one CoC code for their duration with the CoC programme, regardless of how many times they switch certifier. The old certifier-generated code would be searchable (alongside the new code) on the Supplier Directory database for a number of years. The code change would be gradually rolled out in a phased approach to give certificate holders long lead times to establish their unique CoC code across packaging and all other materials.