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This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 07 March 2012; view the current state.

Improvement overview

The scope criteria implemented in 2008 for enhanced fishery assessments identify what fisheries may be considered as within the scope of the MSC program. For some types of enhanced fisheries specific and additional guidance is required to enable the proper assessment of their particular characteristics against the MSC standard.

For Salmon special characteristics needing particular consideration are multi-stock structure, and effects of stocking of hatchery-reared fish.

The aim of this policy item is to standardized Certification Requirements for enhanced bivalve fisheries, consistent with international best practice, in order to contribute toward achieving consistent, credible, and robust assessments of these fisheries against the MSC standard.

Current status

This issue has been prioritized for further work in the coming months.

Planned work

Extensive public stakeholder consultation and workshops with salmon experts will be organized to:

Identify best practices used by fisheries management agencies in relation to enhanced bivalves.

Discuss improving the current MSC scoring methodology with respect to enhanced salmon fisheries.

Discuss guidance and requirements for enhanced salmon fisheries

Public consultation will be held in October, 2011 to seek stakeholder views on the proposed modifications to the assessment tree.