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This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 30 September 2013; view the current state.

Improvement overview

The development of a modified default assessment tree specific to salmon fisheries and corresponding guidance documentation has been a work in progress since 2008.  In 2012, through an experts meeting in Seattle and an extended public consultation period, the MSC Executive made significant progress toward finalizing modifications to the assessment tree.

Current status

Following a series of drafting and research projects and expert consultations, this program improvement has now reached the stage of  final amendments. Additions to the latest version have been made available since 2012.

In response to the feedback received from previous consultation, planned clarifications and guidance will focus on the following areas:

  • Hatchery programs used for the specific conservation purpose of preventing the extirpation of severely depressed populations;
  • The treatment of spawning channel fish in assessments;
  • Default acceptable impact guidelines for hatchery enhancement;
  • Best practices that minimize hatchery impacts on local biota/ecosystem processes;
  • Target and Limit Reference Points (TRPs and LRPs);
  • Stock management units (SMU);
  • Appropriate indicator populations;
  • Inseparable and Practicably Inseparable (IPI) catch requirements specific to salmon;
  • Managing the ecological risks of salmon hatchery programs.

The MSC Executive also now proposes to remove language on population sub-components throughout the documents and to remove language on enhancement in PI 1.2.3 that may have led to duplicate scoring with PI 1.3.3.

Planned work

The early stage public consultation for this improvement item has now closed. MSC would like to thank everyone for their contribution and continued involvement with the policy development process. Further work will build on feedback and recommendations received. The Modified Assessment Tree for Salmon (currently based on modifications to the Default Assessment Tree) will have to be brought in line with any changes that result to the Default Standard during the 2013 Fishery Standard Review (FSR).

An impact assessment exercise is being initiated to test the implications of the new proposed improvement. The outcomes from these stages will be developed and collated for the late stage public consultation from 11 September - 26 October 2013. To learn about the stakeholder engagement opportunities, please visit here.