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Modifications to the Default Tree for Salmon Fisheries

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Online Consultation - Modifications to the Default Tree for Salmon Fisheries (May - June 2013)

Start date: 01 May 2013
End date: 07 June 2013


The development of a modified default assessment tree specific to salmon fisheries and corresponding guidance documentation has been a work in progress since 2008.  In 2012, through an experts meeting in Seattle and an extended public consultation period, the MSC Executive made significant progress toward finalizing modifications to the assessment tree.

This current consultation document proposes final changes and additions to the version made available for public consultation in 2012, in response to the feedback given at that time.

Consultation Documentation

Please follow these links to find the full consultation document, annex CM and annex GCM.

How to comment?

This consultation is open to all stakeholders. You may submit your comments using the contributor form or in another format to, with the subject heading ‘Salmon Fisheries’.

Consultation Questions

There are no specific consultation questions related to the this issue. However, feedback is solicited on the proposed changes to the assessment tree, particularly from parties that had previously submitted comments.

Next steps

Following on from this consultation, further work will build on feedback and recommendations received. The Modified Assessment Tree for Salmon will have to be brought in line with any changes that result to the Default Standard during the Fishery Standard Review. Stakeholder workshops will be held in July 2013 to discuss the program improvements and an impact assessment will be carried out during the summer of 2013. The outcomes from these stages will be used to refine the program improvement process and help inform the second phase of consultation to be held in September 2013.

Further Information

Megan Atcheson (

Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.