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Modifications to the Default Tree for Salmon Fisheries

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Early-stage public consultation: Default assessment tree for enhanced salmon fisheries (March-April, 2012)

Start date: 11 March 2012
End date: 06 April 2012


In the 2008 release of its Fisheries Assessment Methodology and default assessment tree, MSC recognised that specific modifications would be required for certain types of enhanced fisheries and some other special fishery types.  Special assessments are required for salmon fisheries due to their multi-stock population structures, and also because of the impacts of releasing hatchery-reared juvenile fish into the wild.

MSC has in the past allowed fisheries to make controlled modifications to the default assessment tree for enhanced salmon fisheries, and now wishes to develop a single harmonised assessment tree for salmon.  The use of such a standard assessment tree will ensure that the unique impacts of these fisheries are assessed consistently by certifiers in all MSC salmon fisheries.


Following a series of drafting and research projects, and non-public, expert consultations, MSC expects to proceed into public consultation on this topic in the summer of 2012.  The purpose of this initial announcement and consultation is mainly to inform stakeholders of this plan and to seek inputs on the timing and nature of the proposed consultation arrangements.

Proposed project plan

MSC intends to release a draft assessment tree for enhanced salmon to full public consultation over the period 18 June to 14 September 2012.  This period is one month longer than the consultations being held on other topics in recognition of the complexity of this issue, and the timing of this period over the main salmon fishing seasons in the North Pacific.

Depending on the responses received, MSC aims to finalise the assessment tree in late 2012. The MSC TAB and Board will decide on the timeframe for implementation of this tree in enhanced salmon assessments (see next steps below).

Consultation and participation questions

Stakeholders will be able to provide comments to MSC on the draft assessment tree during the main summer consultation period.  Please advise MSC if you think you would like to participate in a consultation meeting, including any timing or location issues that would assist your participation.

Who can comment?

This consultation (both now, and over the summer) is open to all interested stakeholders.

Documents out for consultation

None at this stage.

How to comment

Stakeholders may submit any comments by email to, with the subject heading ‘Salmon assessment tree’.

Next steps

Following this consultation, the project plan will be reviewed in light of the stakeholder comments received. At this stage, it is expected that a paper for public consultation will be released in June 2012.  This will submitted to MSC’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for consideration in October 2012 and may then be approved for release by the Board of Trustees at its meeting in December, 2012.  Implementation arrangements for new and existing MSC salmon fisheries will be published at that time.

Further information

Please direct any enquiries to:

Dan Hoggarth