Targeted consultation - Terms of Reference (September 2016)

This limited consultation aims to identify and get feedback from organisations that have developed similar international standards for labour requirements.

Start date: 01 September 2016
End date: 14 September 2016

First consultation (March–May 2017)

The MSC is extending the requirements for labour practices across its program. A self-declaration tool is proposed for certificate holders and those in assessment to demonstrate the absence of forced and child labour in their operations. The MSC will collect stakeholder feedback on a proposed process for providing such self-declarations.

Start date: 15 March 2017
End date: 14 May 2017

Labour Requirements: Fisheries and at-sea supply chains public consultation March 2018

This is the second public consultation and focuses on the fisheries requirements and at-sea supply chains and aims to gather stakeholder feedback on the draft language for the revised FCR due to be released in August 2018.

Start date: 15 March 2018
End date: 15 April 2018

Targeted consultation: On-shore labour requirements March-April 2018

This targeted consultation webinar will introduce requirements to eliminate Forced and Child Labour.

Start date: 15 March 2018
End date: 05 April 2018

On-Shore Labour Practices consultation - August 2018

This final public consultation aims to gather feedback on the proposal for new requirements for on-shore labour practices to be incorporated in the revised CoC Default Standard due for release in February 2019.

Start date: 15 August 2018
End date: 15 October 2018