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This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 30 September 2014; view the current state.

Improvement overview

Fishery Process Issues within the MSC Standard focus on the improvement of the assessment process and any changes made as a result of consultation will effect Part C of the Certification Requirement.This consultation is a combination of three main workstreams: Harmonisation of Conditions Timelines, Definition of Unit of certification (UoC) and Fishery Traceability.

Current status

This work has been prioritised as one of the MSC Fisheries Standard Review (FSR) program improvements running in 2013-14 Policy Development cycle. Work on this program improvement will follow the activity schedule found under FSR timeline.

Please note that there is overlap between the fishery traceability workstream and elements of the Speed and Cost Review (SCR) happening in parallel with the FSR. Specifically the SCR workstream on Surveillance Audits.

Planned work

The late stage consultation for this topic has now closed. A summary of the comments received and how they have been addressed is available. You can also read the full consultation document and revised Certification Requirements (CR) to find out the proposals for improvements.

A full draft of the new MSC CR version 2.0 incorporating outcomes from the review is now nearing completion.The MSC aims to release the new Fisheries Standard in October 2014.

MSC would like to thank everyone for their contribution and continued involvement with the policy development process.