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Fishery Process Issues

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Late Stage Consultation - Fishery Process Issues (Sept - Oct 2013)

Start date: 11 September 2013
End date: 26 October 2013


This program improvement is part of the Fishery Standard Review (FSR) that is taking place during 2013-2014. The purpose of this consultation is to seek stakeholder input on the proposed clarifications and guidance to the Fishery Process sections of the standard. This consultation consists of three sub-projects: Harmonisation of Conditions Timelines, Definition of Unit of certification (UoC), and Fishery Traceability.

Consultation Documentation

You can find the full consultation document and the revised Certification Requirements (CR) Part A and Part C and Guidance to the Certification Requirements (GCR) available here.

How to comment?

The late stage public consultation for this improvement item has now closed.

Consultation Questions

Harmonisation of Conditions Timelines

1. Should MSC implement the new proposal for the harmonisation of action plans?

2. Is there anything that should be taken into consideration that is not included in this proposal?

Definition of Unit of Certification (UoC)

1. Are any special issues likely to arise in the implementation of these changes?  Should the proposals be changed in any way?

2. Is there anything else that should be taken into consideration related to the UoC topic that is not included in the proposal?

Fishery Traceability

1. Is it reasonable to require a fishery to demonstrate its ability to trace back sales of certified products to the unit of certification? To validate this ability, should the CAB carry out actual tracebacks during audits, or should the CAB simply need to document the systems in place that would allow this level of traceability?

2. Do you have other suggestions in relation to reporting on traceability issues at early stages of the assessment, or the use of an updated reporting template, and surveillance format?

3. Do you have comments regarding a public web space being provided for eligible vessels within the fishery to be listed and kept up-to-date, as per proposed change 4?

4. Do you have any other comments or suggestions regarding the proposed changes?

Potential interactions with other FSR/SCR workstreams

There are linkages between the Fishery Traceability topic and Definition of Unit of Certification topic regarding what information must be provided on the website on the identification of ‘eligible’ fishers and client group members, when further Chain of Custody will be needed and by whom, and other related traceability issues. Interested parties are encouraged to provide consultation feedback to both of these topics.

These projects also have implications on the Surveillance Audits and Group Certification of Fisheries within the Speed and Cost Review (SCR).

Next Steps

Following on from the late stage public consultation, further work will be carried out to build on the feedback and recommendations received. The outcomes from these stages will be incorporated into final proposals and presented to the Stakeholder Council (StC) and Technical Advisory Board (TAB) in December 2013.

Further Information

Kirsty Koral (

Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.