First consultation: Expedited audits

Start date: 04 February 2019
End date: 04 April 2019

An expedited audit is triggered when CABs need to consider new information that could affect scoring or a change in scope. An expedited audit happens outside the surveillance audit schedule.


Stakeholders, CABs and fishery clients have raised various concerns about the lack of clarity of MSC expedited audit requirements, particularly about:  

  • The lack of an assurance mechanism and stakeholder consultation period during the expedited audit process.
  • The integration of the results if an expedited audit is triggered during a full assessment.
  • Strengthening the traceability requirements when new information causes a change in scope.

This program development aims to clarify when and why an expedited audit may be triggered, and the process of conducting an expedited audit. 

Current status

The expedited audit review commenced in December 2018 when the MSC Technical Advisory Board agreed that high level options to solve some of the issues around expedited audits should be taken to consultation in February/March 2019.

Consultation purpose

This consultation asks for stakeholder comment on clarification of some elements of the expedited audit process, including the possibility to include a peer review stage and/or a consultation period for stakeholder during an expedited audit.

It also asks about including reports on an expedited audit option in a later stage of a fishery assessment when new information becomes available after the cut-off point of an assessment but before the completion of the assessment.

Consultation documents

This consultation has now closed.

Watch the MSC project lead Laura Andriessen talk about this consultation:

Next steps

All feedback received during the consultation period will be published on this website after the consultation closes and respondents informed. Comments will not be attributed to their author.

Further information

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Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.