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Improvement overview

The MSC wish to enable greater growth for food service companies and organisations selling directly to final seafood consumers. These ‘consumer-facing organisations’ (CFOs) include contract caterers, restaurant chains, fish counters at retailers, and independent restaurants and fishmongers. However, many CFOs have provided feedback that existing CoC requirements are overly burdensome and not fit-for-purpose.

Following the completion of the Chain of Custody Program Review, the MSC has  released a new optional Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard developed specifically for CFOs on 20 February 2015.

Current status

Following feedback from two rounds of public consultation, The MSC’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and Board of Trustees (BoT) approved the release of the updated CoC Standard Version 4.0.

Core updates are outlined below:

  • The Consumer-Facing Organisation version of the CoC standard has been developed specifically to work better for businesses selling certified products directly to final consumers, such as restaurants, fishmongers and retailers with fresh fish counters.
  • The CFO standard works for both single site and large organisations with many sites.
  • Traceability at consumer-facing sites (i.e. fish counters or catering sites) can be checked in real time (i.e. back to a certified delivery), but only records of inputs have to be maintained because input-output reconciliation is no longer required.
  • The CFO standard streamlines several requirements that were known to be challenging for companies at the end of the supply chain, such as internal audits.
  • For CFOs, all non-conformities are raised against the central office only.
  • Clients must only notify certifiers if the number of sites increases by over 50%.
  • Additional controls have been added: a percentage of site inspections will be short notice, more specific training is required, and follow-on audits will be required if major non-conformities are found.

Chain of Custody Standard: Consumer-Facing Organisation (CFO) Version 1.0 >

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Planned work

The revised CFO CoC Standard issued on 20 February 2015 became effective on 1 September 2015 - this means that after this date companies can be audited  against the new standard.

Companies can choose to be audited against the new CFO CoC Standard version after 20 February 2015, if their auditor is trained and ready (clients should check with their certifier).

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