Current stage:

Issue Prioritisation Development Selection Implementation

Improvement overview

The outcome of the Chain of Custody program review has been released 28 March, 2019. All new program documents, including the summary of changes, can be found at on

Current status

Following their implementation in 2015, the MSC has been monitoring the application of the CoC requirements. A number of issues have been identified and prioritised for investigation as part of the MSC CoC Program Review. The four objectives for review are:

  • Achieve greater efficiencies. The Chain of Custody Program Review (CPR) wishes to introduce efficiencies for certificate holders. Options will be explored on increasing the eligibility for remote audits, recognition of robust digital traceability systems, and improving Group certification requirements. 
  • Address risks to product integrity. The aim of the CoC program is to avoid and deter product substitution. Key areas of attention since the last program review have been around traceability at the fishery and first landing and availability of more detailed origin information throughout the supply chain.  
  • Align with industry trends and technological improvements. The CoC program must stay abreast of technological improvements that can offer benefits to the MSC, CABs, and certificate holders and respond to changing expectations of consumers and government to maintain its best in class status. Projects on digital traceability, product provenance information and labour requirements are analysing what is changing and how the MSC should respond to this appropriately. 
  • Broaden the MSC CoC offering. As the MSC moves into new markets and products, the current CoC model is not always suited to all supply chains. The MSC is therefore trying to implement changes and  additions to its CoC Standard and Certification Requirements that make the program more accessible. This is particularly reflected in changes to the Group Standard, ensuring that independent restaurants have a cost- and effort-effective solution to join the program.

Planned work

There is no more planned work for this release.