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This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 01 August 2014; view the current state.

Improvement overview

The MSC has committed to undertake a review of its Chain of Custody (CoC) program in 2014. The aim of this review is to improve the accessibility and consistency of the CoC standard and requirements, and to make CoC work better for companies and certifiers.

As a stakeholder-driven organisation, your view is critical in helping us shape this review process and to ensure successful outcomes.

Click on the proposals to help improve the MSC CoC program:

    1. Revisions to the CoC standard
    2. CoC surveillance audits
    3. CoC audit process review
    4. New models for consumer facing operators (food service)
    5. New models for independent operators
    6. Under MSC-Assessment Fish (UMAF) review

      Read more on the background of the CoC Program Review. If you would like more information, please contact Chelsea Reinhardt (Senior Supply Chain Manager) at

      Current status

      The CPR will provide an opportunity for a detailed, multi-stakeholder examination of the CoC scheme documents, with the aim of seeking clarity and ensuring relevance to the global seafood industry. Four key objectives have been identified:

      • Support increased consumer-facing operator engagement in the MSC program
      • Improve the credibility and rigour of the CoC sytem
      • Enhance the clarity and simplicity of requirements
      • Achieve greater efficiencies for CoC certified companies, certifiers, and MSC

      Planned work

      The first round of public consultation for the Chain of Custody Program Review (CPR) is now closed. Find out what stakeholder said and MSC's responses to their feedback .

      In addition, a number of further planned activities for the CPR are listed below:

      1 August - 15 September
      Late stage public consultation
      15 - 17 October
      Stakeholder Council meeting

      Cape Town, South Africa

      11 - 12 December Technical Advisory Board meeting

      Paris, France

      To register to participate as an observer please send email to

      January 2015
      Board of Trustee (sign off) meeting