Early Stage Consultation (Mar - Apr 2014)

Start date: 28 February 2014
End date: 15 April 2014


The early stage consultation is part of the Chain of Custody Program Review (CPR) that is taking place during 2014-2015. It aims to engage early with stakeholders on the policy development process, present stakeholders with identified issues and the broad objectives of the given program improvement initiatives.

Consultation topics

CPR topics available for early stage public consultation include:

  1. Revisions to the CoC standard
  2. CoC surveillance audits
  3. CoC audit process review
  4. New models for consumer facing operators (food service)
  5. New models for independent operators
  6. Under MSC-Assessment Fish (UMAF) review

How to comment?

The early stage public consultation for the CPR has now closed. Find out what stakeholder said and MSC's responses to their feedback.

To learn about other opportunities to share your feedback, please visit here.

Further Information

Chelsea Reinhardt (chelsea.reinhardt@msc.org)