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This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 31 January 2014; view the current state.

Improvement overview

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) released the first version of the Chain of Custody (CoC) audit checklist in January 2013. Historically, each of the MSC's 23 certification bodies had to develop their own unique audit checklist based on the MSC CoC requirements. This led to inconsistencies in the audit process for companies and certifiers, particularly when CoC requirements were periodically updated.

To address these issues, the MSC CoC audit checklist was made available as a non-mandatory document for certifiers to use for CoC audits. Since the launch of the MSC CoC group and single site checklists earlier this year, the feedback received from certifiers have generally been positive. Certifiers welcome the comprehensive nature and technical functions of the checklist. However there were some queries on logistics for use and opportunities for improvements such as providing more guidance and revise the formatting of the document.

Current status

The MSC is currently improving the checklist documents, combining the valuable suggestions sent in by the checklist users, which have been implemented into the new version of the checklist. The improved version is proposed to be made mandatory for all certifiers to use during CoC audits against the new Certification Requirements version due for release in 2014. The proposed new version is currently available for stakeholder feedback.

The checklist for 2014 will also allow certifiers to record multi-site audits on the template, using the single site checklist but with dedicated spaces to record the multi-site structure.

Planned work

This program improvement presents two checklist templates: single/multi-site and group checklist for stakeholder feedback. The late stage consultation for this topic has now closed. Click here for the public consultation document.

The feedback gathered from the consultation and outcomes from the stakeholder workshops was discussed at the Stakeholder Council (StC) and Technical Advisory Board (TAB) in December 2013, and presented to the Board for final sign off in January 2014.

MSC would like to thank everyone for their contribution and continued involvement with the policy development process. A summary of the comments received and how they have been addressed is available here.