Late Stage Consultation - CoC Checklist (Sept - Oct 2013)

Start date: 11 September 2013
End date: 26 October 2013


This program improvement seeks stakeholder input on the revised Chain of Custody (CoC) audit checklist (to be released in 2014) and also to consult on the option of making the MSC-developed CoC checklist mandatory for all certifiers to use for audits against the next version of the Certification Requirements (CR).

Consultation Documentation

You can find the full consultation document, together with the Single Site Checklist and Group CoC Checklist.

How to comment?

The public consultation for this program improvement has now closed. Learn more about the final decision made on this topic.

Consultation Questions

  1. Do you support the recommendation to make the MSC CoC checklist mandatory for all CoC audits?
  2. Is there anything further the MSC should consider before making the checklist mandatory?
  3. Should the scoping section remain in the checklist?
  4. Should the checklist contain both the 'Requirement' column and 'Question' column side-by-side as in the current version?
  5. Should the single site and multi-site checklist be combined?
  6. For the group checklist: Should there be two separate question sections, one for Reduced Risk Groups and one for non-Reduced Risk Groups?
  7. Are you interested in having the checklist available on a tablet/mobile device?
  8. Should the checklist be availble locked only or should users be able to modify the formatting?
  9. Do you have further feedback on how to improve the checklist?

Potential interactions with other FSR/SCR workstreams

None anticipated.

Next Steps

Following on from the late stage consultation and based on the stakeholder input new requirements and guidance will be drafted. This will be submitted to theĀ MSC Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for final approval and subsequent publication in 2014.

Please also visit theĀ get involved page to find out all opportunities to participate in the development process for this program improvement.

Further Information

Stefano Minischetti (

Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.