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Issue Prioritisation Development Selection Implementation
This page describes the state of the program improvement in the past.
The improvement left this stage on 02 February 2011; view the current state.

Improvement overview

The MSC is currently reviewing its Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP), and the draft recommendations include a strong focus on the foodservice sector, and the consideration of alternatives to increase the accessibility.

Current status

This issue has been prioritized for further work in the coming months. A project plan has been developed, and activities 1-2 (listed below) are underway.

Planned work

Carry out further investigation to identify accessibility issues the foodservice sector face in relation to feasibility, costs, implementation and how to overcome them

The project plan established the following phases:

  1. Develop a problem statement for consideration by the Technical Sub-Committee.
  2. Identify all food service operators
  3. Consultation, data gathering and analysis
    • A thorough investigation will be undertaken to identify the accessibility issues of the different foodservice operators.

4. The work team will review all data and conduct a cost benefit analysis for the different operators

    • The team will consider all information and decide where the priority operators are
    • High priorities operators will be put forward for tool development and piloting
    • The team will decide where/when to launch pilots
    • It is likely that the team will not be able to target all operators and prioritization of pilots may be required

5.    Identify and develop possible tools to enable more types of operators to join MSC

6.    Develop pilots and framework

7.    Run pilots

    • Put in place a monitoring framework in place to keep track of progress

8.    Review pilot data

9.     Develop recommendations

    • A paper for TAB using the above analysis to provide possible options for increase accessibility based on pilot results.