Unit of Assessment public consultation March 2019

Start date: 04 March 2019
End date: 04 April 2019

Consultation purpose

This project aims to update the requirements for defining the UoA so that it cannot be subdivided such that certified and uncertified activities occur on the Principle 1 target stock in the same area, at the same time, on the same vessel and with the same gear.

The MSC is proposing the following three solutions:
  1. Update the Unit of Assessment (UoA) definition:
    • Remove the term 'fishing practice' from the definition of the UoA requiring all activities by gear-type to be included in the UoA(s)┬áin the Fisheries Assessment Process.
    • Define the term 'fishing practice' for use elsewhere in the MSC Fisheries Standard if scored as separate scoring elements or separate UoAs.
    • Add a requirement to define the geographic area to resolve previously identified issues with the UoA definition.
  2. Determining main, minor and Endangered, Threatened and Protected impacts.
  3. Implementation time frame options for existing fisheries (details in survey).

Consultation documents

This consultation has now closed.

The consultation questions and background information are in the survey,

More information

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Consultation documents

The following supporting documents are available for this consultation.