Who's involved

Many people contribute to improving the MSC program.


Stakeholders are a large and diverse group who include anyone with an interest in how fisheries and the supply chain get certified. Stakeholders can be biologists and marine scientists, fisheries, environmental NGOs, supply chain companies, retailers, consumers and even governments — anyone with something to say about the program in general or a particular issue. See how you can get involved.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees sets the strategic direction of the MSC, monitors progress and ensures the MSC meets its objectives. It is the MSC's governing body who meets four times a year. The Board is advised by the TAB and Stakeholder Advisory Council.

Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is an independent, voluntary panel of technical advisers with expertise in key areas such as fishery management, aquatic ecology, certification and accreditation, fish processing, chain of custody, and the seafood trade. The TAB meet twice a year, commission research and decide together which proposed program improvements should be recommended to the Board of Trustees for implementation as part of the MSC Program. We publish the public summaries of TAB meetings. Who’s on the Technical Advisory Board?

Stakeholder Advisory Council

The Stakeholder Advisory Council (STAC) is a formal channel that allows stakeholders to provide their views to the MSC. The STAC meet twice a year to provide advice to the MSC on a range of issues, including developing our Standards.

The MSC Science and Standards Team

MSC staff develop options and recommendations on program developments based on analysis, background research and dialogue with stakeholders.