2015 Certification Requirements implementation timeframes

The revised Chain of Custody Standard and Certification Requirements are issued on 20 February 2015 and will become effective on 1 September 2015.

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Implementation for supply chain companies and certifiers:

  • Chain of Custody Standard and Certification Requirements Implementation Timeframes: From 1 September 2015, all companies will be audited against the new version of the Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard at their next audit. However, clients have been instructed to talk to their certifiers to confirm which Standard version they will be audited against if their next audit is before September 2015.

    Detailed support about transitioning to the new version of the Standard can be found on the MSC website.
  • Under-assessment product Implementation: Implementation timeframes differ for clients currently using under-assessment product (previously known as ‘Under MSC-Assessment Fish’, or ‘UMAF’) clauses. After 1 September 2015 companies will have to comply with these new requirements to buy under-assessment product (UMAF).  Any company that has under-assessment product in stock as of 1st September 2015 will be permitted to keep this inventory and can sell eligible under-assessment products as MSC or ASC-certified only when the fishery/ farm is certified.Transitional support for MSC under-assessment product >

Implementation timeframes for certifiers only

The General Certification Requirements (GCR) version v2.0 was published on 1 October 2014, along with Fisheries Certification Requirements v2.0. The GCRv2.0 represented the official separation of Part A from Certification Requirements, and changes were limited to formatting and alignment with ISO 17065.

GCRv2.1 will be released 20 February 2015 together with the CoC Certification Requirements v2.0 incorporating the outcomes of the Chain of Custody Program Review. The following sections, have been reviewed in consultation with CABs and ASI and revised more substantially to enhance consistency and clarity.

  • Contract (4.8)
  • Transfer of certificates (4.11)
  • Suspension and withdrawal of certificates (7.4)

GCRv2.1 will be released on 20 February 2015 and will become effective by 1 September 2015. Given that GCR v2.0 is due to become effective on 1 April 2015, MSC recommends that all CABs transition directly from Part A v1.4 to the GCR v2.1 by 1 April 2015.

If CABs choose not to move directly to GCR v2.1, then CABs need to transition to GCR v2.0 on 1 April 2015 and then transition again to GCR v2.1 on 20 September 2015.

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