Program improvement FAQs

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Commonly asked questions about MSC Standard development:

Does every program development result in a change to the MSC Standards?

When we review our Standards, we identify the objectives of the review, and through research and public consultation develop options for the best way to achieve those objectives. Not all program developments result in a change, depending on the outcome of the review.

Why might the MSC not prioritise a suggestion from a stakeholder?
For practical reasons we cannot take every issue forward, so we have to prioritise. Some issues may not fit with the goals of the MSC or our program, some may already have been considered, while others may simply be irrelevant or inappropriate.

Does this continual review process make it difficult for certificate holders and others to keep up?

The MSC recognises the need to balance maintaining a relevant program with the need for program stability. We carry out an impact assessment for each proposed change, and make sure that when new Standards are implemented, the needs of certificate holders and other stakeholders are considered. For example, a program improvement that changes the certification requirements may not apply to existing certificate holders for a number of years so they can get ready for the change.