How we review our Standards

Every development of the MSC program goes through five stages: issue, prioritisation, development, selection, and implementation.

Issue: An issue is put forward, either by a stakeholder or from within the MSC itself. If there is some way you think our Standards or our certification system can develop, please send us an email with as much detail as possible to


Prioritisation: Proposed issues go into an Issues Log, where they are reviewed by the MSC. For those that are taken forward, we develop a problem statement and form a working group.


Development: The MSC develops a project plan for the issue.

The MSC discusses the issue with a Stakeholder Advisory Council, a council of MSC’s stakeholder groups and independent representatives.

The MSC opens the issue for public consultation. Anyone who’s interested can have their say about the proposed development. We review and reflect on everyone’s comments and develop the issue further.


Selection: The issue goes before the MSC Technical Advisory Board (TAB). They are a panel of independent experts who review the project plan, options and implications, and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees about what should be implemented.

If they think more research is needed or there are stakeholders whose views need to be taken into account, the issue goes back into the development stage. If this happens, amendments are made and the improvement can sometimes go back out to consultation. The revised program development is resubmitted to the TAB.


Implementation: In this stage, the TAB and Board have accepted the suggested policy development and the MSC implements the changes.