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Be part of our movement to address important sustainability challenges. This website offers you the opportunity to help transform the sustainability of the world’s seafood market. You can find out which program improvements we are making, how they are progressing — and participate.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) works with scientists, fisheries, seafood producers, conservation groups and governments to promote sustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. We offer the world's leading certification and ecolabelling program for sustainable fishing and supply chain traceability.

At the heart of our program are the Fisheries and Chain of Custody Standards. They provide the seafood industry with a framework to fish sustainably. To ensure the MSC Standards remain relevant to industry practices and keep pace with new scientific understanding, they are reviewed regularly.


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Current improvements

Fisheries program items

The MSC Fisheries Standard promotes equal access for wild-capture fisheries.
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Chain of Custody program items

The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures certified seafood can be traced back to a certified sustainable source.
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Assurance and credibility

The MSC assurance system is how we make sure the fishery and supply chain assessment process is working and meets best practice.
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Labour Practices

The MSC is working on options for greater assurance that certified fisheries and supply chain companies meet international norms for labour practices. Find out more >